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What do we need to get married?
You and your intended must obtain a Marriage License from any Registry Office in the Province of Alberta.  AMA also provides this service to their members at a reduced fee.  You need to arrange a date/time/place with myself for the ceremony, and have 2 witnesses over the age of 18 for the ceremony. 

What do we need to get a Marriage License?
Some form of ID (Birth Certificate, Driver's License, or Passport).  If either party has been divorced, they will need to produce their final Divorce Decree; if either is widowed a Death Certificate will be required.  It is best to contact the Registry Office you will be using, and get the exact details as to requirements from them.

What if we don't have or know 2 witnesses?
I can arrange for witnesses on your behalf, should you be unable to or if you wish to be discreet and quiet without any family/friends in attendance.

Is there a waiting time once the Marriage License is issued?
No.  You can be married the same day the Marriage License is issued.  You must, however, be married within 3 months from when the Marriage License is issued.

Do we need to get blood tests?
No. Blood tests are no longer required in Alberta..

What is the standard fee for a ceremony?
The fee is $300 for the ceremony, but there is an additional charge for travel if the ceremony location is outside the city limits of Red Deer.

Is a rehearsal included in the above fee?
No, a rehearsal carries an additional fee (and mileage fee as well) dependent on the location.  Most ceremonies are either held outdoors or where accessibility to the hall the day prior to the ceremony is not always available.  Therefore, most often a rehearsal is not something that can be utilized. We can discuss the need or necessity of rehearsal as your ceremony details become more defined.

What type of attire do you wear for the ceremony?
I have several 2 piece suits (skirt and jacket) which I co-ordinate with the different seasons of the year.

Are we able to make or use our own vows?
Yes, anyone wishing to make up their own vows are encouraged to do so.  I can assist with the flow of your vows and to ensure all the legal wording is included.

How long does the ceremony take?
Typically a ceremony is done in approximately 20 mins, however I always suggest that you allow 30 mins from start to finish, to allow for late starts, entrances, signing of documents and the recessional.

Are there any other hidden or additional fees?
Your ceremony is scheduled for a specific time and on some dates, I have multiple scheduled appointments. (In the summer, Saturday are a high priority for many people).  In respect for all of my clientele, I allow for a few mins late start, however should there be a delay of more than 15 mins from the scheduled time, I reserve the right to charge an additional fee of $50.

For any further questions with respect to your Marriage License, please refer to the Service Alberta website at: